Wikipedia Edit — Rebekah Dumaup

Activity Tacker

I thought that the Activity Tracker Wikipedia page only contained the general functions of the device and a whole lot of brand names. I decided to add a paragraph on how the Activity Tracker has extended its use to represent a community in social movements, specifically the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I also added a paragraph on the criticism and ambivalence that users have towards the device. Below is the link to the Wikipedia page:

Abigael Quincena– Life Casting (video stream) WIKI EDIT

The section I chose to update was the part about Steve Mann, who was the first person to ever life cast. I added in a blurb about his recent article written in March of this year, as he describes his early innovations of wearable technology, and comparing it to the new Google Glass. He also discusses issues of augmented reality, which is a part of the wiki page that had nothing about this issues.

I also chose to add a part on the bottom about modern forms of life casting today, in new technologies such as the smart phone, that allow users to broadcast their lives through applications such as Instagram and Snapchat. In my first analysis of this wiki page, I was upset that I didn’t find anything on the effects that life casting has, or other questions such as the motivations behind why people choose to life cast. And this is what I researched in my paper and added a little to the page.

Wikipedia Edit – Katheryn Wang

I thought about adding in a section on technofantasies, but wasn’t sure if that would be an appropriate addition seeing as how there is already a section labeled fiction that depicts many of the fictional representation of the virtual reality. So instead, I decided to expand on the sections a little, particularly in the areas of gaming and training simulations, but of which I found rather small. For the training simulation, I decided to expand on the examples given, thus I posted another example, in addition to combat and pilot simulations, on driving simulations used in the military for tank drivers. Drivers beginning their careers were not allowed to operate a real tank until after the simulation training in VR.
Additionally, I also expanded on the section of games. It bothers me how people think of virtual reality as such an advance thing, even in today’s world. Their examples on the page included the Wii and its motion sensors and the upcoming oculus rift. So I decided to take it a step further and add that other examples can include something as simple as the MMORPG. Although it is not armed with motion sensing devices, it certainly does allow players to entertain in a simulated virtual environment by means of an avatar.

Wikipedia edit – To-Van

I thought it would be most appropriate to change the “history” section of the Personal Computer page if I wanted to add any information on the expectations and anxieties of my cyborg technology. It turned out to be much harder than I had anticipated to find the right place to add/edit any information because everything was so tightly woven already. I was originally going to add a new section, but saw that that would have been too out of place in the entire page (I wanted to add something that wouldn’t be immediately deleted).

I fleshed out the last paragraph of the section to try and subtly bring in mention of certain articles’ inferred regard for the computer. I still don’t understand why or how an entire Wikipedia page could have been written without any reference to the public or at least even popular media’s reception of the technology. But since it seems that the wiki-community is dead-set against it, I’m going to try and make my subtle change and hope they don’t erase it right away.

Wiki Edit – Gastric Band

I reintroduced the “celebrities” section that had been removed in 2010 and renamed it “In Popular Culture”. I also added recent high profile public figures who have publicly announced their surgery. People added: Gov Chris Christie, Carnie Wilson, Correy Harrison, and Lauren Manzo. This is important to include because I noticed that many of the celebrities listed have a mention of the surgery on their wiki pages. This could influence readers to individually look them up and read about their personal experiences and backlash they may have received after the surgery. I also added a photo (that I personally took) in “Types of adjustable bands” section that displays the Realize Band and Lap-Band. This is a great addition as the images before were only illustrations. Lastly, I expanded the “Special considerations for pregnancy” section by adding a warning for unwanted pregnancy as weight loss has been shown to increase fertility. This last part was something I came across a lot in the support forums and people couldn’t really explain why it happens and some didn’t seem to actually be aware of this possibility.